Just like a real folk festival, but without all the sweaty people and the overpriced vegetarian food.

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About Online Folk Festival

Online Folk Festival is a tribute to folk and related music that consists of two components:

  • Festival Radio, freeform Internet folk radio for the masses, is a looped, streaming Internet-only folk radio station hosted on www.live365.com. I have 40+hours worth of tunes in rotation at any one time and update a couple times a week. 
  • FolkBlog is the companion to Festival Radio, where I discuss music added to the station, post folk video links and talk about news from the folk music world.

What you'll hear on Festival Radio's freeform thrill ride of musical discovery:

  • Traditional folk
  • Folk/rock
  • Celtic
  • Singer/songwriter
  • Folk/pop
  • Cajun/zydeco
  • Gospel,
  • Country
  • Folk music from around the world
  • Virtuoso instrumentals on fiddle, accordion, banjo and guitar from some of the world's top players
  • Acoustic blues
  • Bluegrass/old-time
  • A wide variety of independent artists who have fallen through the cracks in our corporate megahit culture
  • Other cool music that may transcend such easy categorization

More must-have information than you can shake a stick at:

  • Festival Christmas, the Festival Radio holiday gift to the world, is now back on the air for everyone.  More freeform folky Christmas music for the masses!
  • Listen to Festival Radio without commercials.  Click the flashing blue button in the left-hand column to sign up for a VIP membership and I get a kickback that helps me keep the station running. Check out other folkcasters using the webrings below.  These broadcasters are making folk music available on the web all the time for you and also deserve your patronage.

Thanks for stopping by to join listeners from around the world taking part in expanding the boundaries of folk music.  Hope you stay awhile, 'cause we got da folk.
The Woodsmeister

Festival Radio--because you're not a corporate music drone!